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The Concord Saratoga SL is an exquisite luxury watch crafted by the Swiss watchmaker Concord. Concord is known for its elegant styling, superior craftsmanship, premium-quality materials, and innovative features. The Saratoga series, launched in 1986, gets its name from the famous Saratoga horse races, which exhibit the same levels of sophistication and elegance as the watch.

Typically, the SL models feature an 18kt yellow gold, stainless steel case and bracelet, sapphire crystal, and Swiss quartz movement. However, some details may vary depending on the specific model, such as diamond hour markers or water resistance up to a certain depth.

For those who value a timepiece that blends luxury, style, and precision, the Concord Saratoga SL is a perfect accessory. However, since it is a high-end watch, the price can also be expected to be in the upper range.


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  • 1 in stock at 11205 New Hampshire Ave, Silver Spring, MD (Phone # 301-439-4260)
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